Online Sessions

I offer an online session service, for clients who need to capture the sound of a live drummer but don’t have the facilities to. If you’re an artist or songwriter who needs a live drum track, get in touch and we can talk about how I can put a drum part together, create a multi-track recording and send it to you, in a short time, for a reasonable cost.

Here are a few examples, to see more, just Click the YouTube link at the bottom.

'Bad Tattoo'

by Kerry Smyth

Here's a simple pop track that I recorded for singer/songwriter Kerry Smyth.

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'Long Time Coming'

by Miranda Dickinson

Here's a track by Miranda Dickinson called 'Long Time Coming', which was also on her EP, released alongside her novel 'It Started With A Kiss'.

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by Vs.

Here's a track I recorded for Vs. a short while ago - a slow but powerful track with some lovely bottom end. Headphones or larger speakers recommended.

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